School supplies for Afghan Children

Why this project?

It is not easy to provide the school children of Afghan returnees with school supplies and school clothes. In fact, it is an extra burden for a family with no regular income and whose daily life is a struggle for survival, whom are only met with the ruins of their houses and farms upon their return. Most of Afghan new returnees are jobless and have no income and consequently cannot send their children to schools without outside help.

Under the School supplies project for Afghan poor children we would provide Afghan returnees children with Education Kits the value of Education Kits for Afghan children is more then a few pencils or pens. Providing Education Kits to Afghan children is a direct message that the international community and world care about Afghan children.

Who will benefits?

Hundreds of new Afghan returnees from Pakistan and Iran refugee camps will benefit from the implementation of this project. Providing school supplies will encourage Afghan families, especially new returnees, to enroll their children into schools and this is the best investment for Afghanistan future

Project Duration

We will begin the implementation of this project as soon as financial resources are provided, and its duration is of 3 months from the staring date.

Contribution to this project

We provide school supplies to Afghan children through Education Kits.

The Education Kits will contain Pens, Pencils, notebooks, ruler, calculatorr, there will be diffrent Kits:

1- A Kit up to 6 grades

2- B Kit over 6 grades.

A Kit contains pens, pencils, notebooks, eraser, ruler and drawing notebook.

B Kit contains A Kit materials + geometry set and calculator.

Any amount of contribution for this project would be appreciated.

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Afghan Orphan Sponsorship Program

During more than three decades of war in Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghan families have lost their broad winner The big problem is how these poor families, without a regular income,would be able to feed their children or keep them in schools?

According to media reports the economic condition of these families are so miserable, that even some some of them sent their children to orphanages because they are not able to feed them or provide them with school material.

On the street of Kabul and other major cities of Afghanistan hundreds school age children are working or begging in order to support their families instead of getting an education. (Afghanistan has the highest rates of child labour in the world)

To help Afghan orphans and poor families keep their Children in Schools we have a sponsorship program.Under the sponsorship program a certain amount of money will be send on regular basis to the neediest families to cover the School expenses of their children.

To help these families we do not need big amounts of money:

- 30/$ or 25€ per month will cover school necessities of a schoolchild at least for one month.

- $360 will cover School necessities of a schoolchild for one year..

With your generous contribution and support, these poor families will be able to maintain their children in schools and this is the best gifts to Afghan Children.

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