About us

Help Afghan School children Organization (HASCO) is a non-profit, non-political Organization with an entirely volunteer staff; our aim is to help Afghan children catch up on years of lost schooling. We have no affiliation to any political or ethnical group inside or outside of Afghanistan. We believe that children are the future of every society if we want to prevent the loss of another generation of Afghan children,if we want Afghan uneducated youths to not recruited and used by extremist elements in the future and finally if we want a peaceful prosperity and friendly Afghanistan we must help Afghan children and young generation to get education.

HASCO is open for all those who shares our views and actively support education in Afghanistan. Those who especially help financially Afghan School children inside or outside the Organization will be named honorary members of HASCO.

HASCO Volunteers

During last five years The United Nations volunteer program (UNV) have introduces tens of Online Volunteers to HASCO, our Online volunteers undertake a variety of assignments to help Afghanistan children. Our online volunteers help Afghan School Children through sharing their time and expertiset,to recognize the important role of Online volunteers in implementation of HASCO development and relief projects, the United Nations Volunteer ( UNV) programme selected one of HASCO Volunteer among the ten best online volunteers of the year 2006.

Thanks to the United Nations Volunteers program (UNV) for introducing Online volunteers to HASCO, and thanks to HASCO volunteers all over the world for spending generously their time and energy to support school children in Afghanistan.